Conference – End animal suffering during EU journeys and beyond

Following the ruling by the Court of Justice, European livestock transporters are required to abide by EU animal protection standards even if they are operating outside of the EU. Yet, member states consistently fail to enforce these standards. As a result, millions of animals every year suffer unnecessarily on road and maritime journeys.
Animal suffering during transport is a symptom of an increasingly industrial European milk and meat
production system. Overproduction is a prominent feature of this system, making massive exports necessary and ignoring animal and ecological needs.

9:30–9:40 OPENING

9:40–11:00 1st Panel

« The current situation of animal transport in Europe and beyond – legal, political and practical issues »


  • OLGA KIKOU, Head of European Affairs, Compassion in World Farming
  • FRANK LANGRISH, NFU South East Spokesman and Farmer (tbc)
  • DR. ALEXANDER RABITSCH, Veterinary and Expert on animal transport
  • ANA RAMÍREZ VELA, Head of Unit ‘Animals’, DG SANTE, European Commission

11:00–11:20 COFFEE BREAK

11:20–12:40 2nd Panel

« Approaches for changing the current milk and meat production system to ensure animal welfare »


  • ANTONIA LÜTTEKEN, Policy Officer‚ Conception and Consistency of Rural Development‘, DG AGRI, European Commission– Rural Development (tbc)
  • HANS-JÜRGEN MÜLLER, Director of the Association of Farmers with Artisanal Meat Processing
  • RICHARD YOUNG, Policy Director, Sustainable Food Trust


Venue: European Parliament Brussels, ROOM A1G3


A conference to be followed live



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